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Our Proven Approach

What We Do:

Steve Watrel, P.A and his associates are in the business of fighting nursing home chains and on a personal mission to eradicate elder neglect and abuse. As attorneys, we can’t undo what was done to your loved one, but we are here to help you get the justice your family deserves. What this means for you is the respect and recognition of your family member as an individual and restitution of the wrong that was done.

How We Do It:

Based on his 25+ years of fighting for elder rights in Jacksonville, Steve Watrel, P.A. has developed a proven approach to combatting nursing home abuse seen in the big chains and perpetuated by insurance companies. Steve’s legal process and expertise is widely heralded in law trade publications across the nation and other attorney’s regularly seek his special counsel on these types of cases.

Steve Watrel, P.A Proven Approach to Fighting Elder Abuse:

  • Personal Discovery
  • Team Approach
  • Case Proven Before Served
  • Preparation & Trial

Personal Discovery

The first action taken is to understand your loved one and acknowledge them as an individual and a person that matters. Through an interview and discovery process, Steve and his team will come to know your loved one’s story and understand how your family is being impacted. The common vision the team has is to uncover the truth and identify those responsible. The team comprises of medical experts, forensic accountants and legal professionals.

Team Approach

Next, a team led by Steve will be assembled to document all of the needed evidence to prove your case. This is important because evidence in these types of cases often gets destroyed. We will fight to obtain records and ensure all evidence (physical, electronic, and testimonial) is preserved to obtain the best possible outcome. Rest assured, that Steve retains the team of experts as early as possible choosing only the best in the country that work in the field. Most have over 30 years of legal experience and are seasoned experts authored on the area of their expertise.

Case Proven Before Served

Attorney Steve Watrel prepares every nursing home abuse case as if it’s going to trial. In fact, he will not take a case unless he’s prepared to take it to trial confirming each theory and ensuring ultimate success. Along the way, you as the client are intimately involved in the entire process and active in each decision.

“Steve Watrel and his team are like our family. After our mother was injured in a nursing home, we were left reeling with emotions and just wanted justice for our mom. He really cares her and us and treated everyone with respect and care.” –Susan M., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

After all of the evidence is assembled, the decision is made with the client to go to trial. We strive for full value and are passionate about achieving justice.

Preparation & Trial

We know that the thought of facing your loved one’s abuser in court is daunting. So, we do extensive preparation for trial to ensure a smooth trial with clear outcomes. Our clients are thoroughly prepared by Steve and his legal team including our team of jury advisors. Steve’s proprietary trial preparation system has been refined over 25 years with the input of multiple experts. You will feel empowered and prepared.

Our goal is to bring life to the testimony and tell an emotional story that reflects your loved one in a way that is honoring to them and the situation. Appellate counsel is involved in your case early on to make sure it’s clean and clear in the unlikely case of appeal.