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Our Philosophy

Sometimes the best way to describe a law firm is to tell you what it isn’t. At the law firm of Steve Watrel, P.A., we are not about over-promising and under-delivering. We’re not about handing cases off to paralegals, case managers or junior attorneys fresh out of law school. We’re not about trying to build a legal empire at the expense of doing the job right.

At our firm, you can expect 100% dedication to you and your case. Unlike the larger firms, we have no quotas or volume requirements, which we believe leads to poor outcomes. All cases are handled by personally by Steve Watrel with the aim of getting you everything that you deserve.

At the law office of Steve Watrel, we don’t treat clients like numbers. Calls are returned quickly with a knowledgeable response. Clients are always informed about their case. We truly listen to you. We treat you with respect.

After we listen to what you have to say, Steve Watrel, P.A. will fight for you. We’re aggressive and unrelenting when representing clients.

Does that approach work? We know it does. But you be the jury.