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Seniors on a Mission

In February 2016, our firm provided lunch for a group of seniors gathered at the workspace for a mission project sponsored by Seniors on a Mission.  Seniors on a Mission is an organization which exists to honor, love, and encourage senior adults, inspiring them to live invigorated lives filled with purpose and grace.  The organization began in 2005, and has since engaged over 800 seniors while donating over 88,000 community service hours.  These seniors find meaningful work, purpose, and friendships, while lending their helping hands, engaged minds, and seasoned skill sets to area charities and ministries.  We are honored to support this organization that advocates for Jacksonville’s seniors. For more information on this organization, please visit seniorsonamission.org


April sharing our Caregiver’s Guide to Nursing Homes with seniors before lunch

Our server from Maggiano’s preparing to serve the delicious meal to the seniors at the workspace

April and Cheryl with Joanne Hickox, Seniors on a Mission Director