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The Difference Between Nursing Home Facilities

The Difference Between Nursing Home Facilities

Have you talked to anyone who’s tried to find a nursing home facility for a family member? You’ve probably heard that one of these places can be really different from another.

What makes nursing homes different? What makes a particular nursing home facility stand out?

Here are some important things to look at when you are trying to choose a nursing home for someone in your family.

Quality of Care

Obviously, quality of care is super-important. It’s usually the number one criteria for a reason. But there are signs that you can look for in a facility to figure out how good the quality of care is.

When you’re in the facility, look real hard, and time the responses of staffers to important nursing calls. Look for the language that staff uses, and the ways that they respond to emergencies. You can also look for new technology like automated call boards that may help provide shorter response times.

In good nursing homes, people provide care fast and well, because it ties into clinical outcomes and quality of life for the residents. In some other facilities that may not have as high a standard, you’ll see long wait times and signs of distress.

The Facility Conditions

Maintenance and facility work is also super-important in nursing home facilities. You can often tell at a glance if the building has had a renovation recently.

It’s not important for buildings to be brand-new in every case. Still, they should look good and feel livable. The best homes like to renovate and upgrade living spaces to make them look pleasant and safe. Others allow building facilities to become dated. They get kind of gross, and generally unattractive. Also, in some cases, they’re not as safe as they should be.


Well-organized nursing homes are able to provide clean, safe, sanitary conditions. Staff members are caring for those who can’t care for themselves. Is there good organization? If so, all hazardous items or materials in the facility are secure, and the staff maintains an attractive ambience.

Insurance Agreements

Some of the best nursing home communities are also helping some seniors who like to plan. These planners understand the importance of long-term care insurance in planning.

Nursing homes that are in good shape know the rules. They are able to take advantage of insurance reimbursements. They have good financial setups to keep everything in top shape. At the same time, they offer much more versatility for those who choose to move.

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