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Infotainment and Legal Liability

Infotainment and Legal Liability

In Florida and everywhere else in the country, distracted driving is an enormous problem. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that thousands of drivers are injured and killed annually because of texting, instant messaging and other forms of distracted driving related to digital technologies.

In response, the Florida legislature has put together a statute ruling on liability for infotainment and distracted driving. This statute provides specific criteria where those who are determined to have been distracted drivers will have to compensate victims for their injuries, or for significant property damage.

Distracted Driving and “Non-Voice” Communications

One of the key indicators in this statute is the idea of non-voice communications. The language of the statute shows that when drivers use wireless technologies to type or tap characters related to non-voice data communications, they can be found “distracted” under Florida’s law. That means while drivers speaking on cell phones may not be found liable, drivers who are texting or typing and trying to either transmit or receive data through text will generally be found liable.

Tough on Distracted Driving

Rules like the Florida state law on infotainment and distracted driving serve to enforce the idea that it’s irresponsible to be tapping or typing away and removing your field of vision from the road in front of you.

State officials put these sorts of rules in place because they are looking at existing fatality and injury rates, and trying to figure out how to bring them down. States look at the issue of younger drivers and their attraction to digital devices in the general context of setting the rules for the road. Insurance companies do some similar research as they value risk – but every car accident victim needs to access their rights to compensation when they are hurt on the road, and should get a fair hearing and fair treatment from their insurance company.

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