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Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department Showcases “Arrive Alive” Program

Florida state officials are reviving their campaign aimed at addressing the high rates of traffic fatalities within the state.

The new campaign has the same catchy, slogan: “Arrive Alive.” Arrive Alive is one of several tools Florida agencies are using to combat a steep hike in traffic fatalities around the state since 2014.

The campaign is based on the understanding that the state of Florida has certain risks – and that specific categories of drivers, primarily the oldest and youngest drivers, bring the most risk to the road.

Arrive Alive focuses on a geolocational approach to the problem. Throughout the state, law enforcement departments are focusing on particular “hot spots” where reports have logged the highest numbers of serious crashes. By focusing on these areas, Florida police are hoping to make an impact on traffic fatality rates. Departments have individual officers log time that they’ve spent focusing on patrolling for the Arrive Alive campaign.

There’s more to the program than just monitoring – back in 2017 when the campaign was kicked off; legislative sessions focused on things like helmet laws and backseat seat belt laws, as well as a new look at graduated driving license laws or rules for teen drivers.

“Our goal is to reverse this trend and attempt to greatly reduce the occurrences of serious crashes,” said Major Warren Fast, Commander of the Florida Highway Patrol’s Troop A, in 2017, according to a piece on WUWF online.

In addition to legislation, the state has brought back specialty “Arrive Alive” license plates and held training sessions to demonstrate the importance of road safety.

Experienced Florida car accident lawyers understand that these kinds of campaigns do some good, but unfortunately don’t eliminate the real risks that residents and visitors face on the roadway.

Much more can be done, from improving signage and roadwork areas to more public awareness and driver education. In the meantime, Florida car accident attorney teams help out when one of their clients faces the impact of car accident injuries because of someone else’s mistakes or negligence.

When a client comes in who has been injured in a car accident, professional Florida car accident attorney offices have a big job, starting with documenting the accident itself with police reports and any other available evidence. Every step of the way, the law office provides the counsel and support that car accident victims and their families need.

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