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How to Look Up Florida Nursing Home Violations

Resources and Information to Protect Your Elderly Loved One

The decision to move your loved one to a nursing home can be challenging, particularly when there are countless headlines about abuse and mistreatment at these facilities. Today, however, there are several online resources to help determine which Florida nursing homes have had serious violations and whether they have taken steps to correct these issues.

For over 30 years, Steve Watrel, P.A., has been fighting to protect senior citizens in Jacksonville and throughout Florida. Our legal team provides dedicated representation for nursing home abuse victims. We work tirelessly to ensure that nursing homes are held accountable for their negligence and wrongdoing. If your loved one has experienced nursing home abuse or neglect, contact our office to schedule a free consultation. 

How Common Are Nursing Home Violations in Florida?

Nursing home violations are surprisingly widespread. Of the nearly 700 homes in the state, 189 were found to have serious deficiencies, according to ProPublica. Additionally, 520 of the 699 Florida nursing homes were found to have infection-related deficiencies. Many nursing home facilities have incurred six-figure fines as a result of their deficiencies. In total, nursing homes have $21.1 million in penalties. 

The Tampa Bay Times reported that Florida nursing homes received over 80 serious violations in 2022 alone. 20% of these violations occurred at nursing homes located in the Tampa Bay area. The violations were all “class 1 deficiencies” or those that put residents at an increased risk of “serious harm, injury or death.” 

How Can I Look Up Florida Nursing Home Violations?

There are several online resources to look up recent Florida nursing home violations. 

Resources to look up Florida nursing home violations:

  • ProPublica: Allows for a statewide search of nursing home deficiency reports. Provides details about fines, COVID-19 vaccinations, and whether the home has been flagged by the government as a “special focus facility” for having a history of serious issues.
  • Tampa Bay Times: In article searchable list for the 83 serious violations at nursing homes in Florida. Provides access to the type of violation and a link to the full report.
  • Florida Agency for Health Care Administration: Through the “Find a Facility” link can search a nursing home or assisted living facility by name. A list of violations, fines, and investigations is provided. 
  • Federal resource that allows you to search and compare nursing home facilities by area. 

If you suspect that your loved one is being mistreated or abused at a facility, you need to speak to a nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. 

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Was your loved one the victim of abuse or neglect at a Florida nursing home? Contact our office to schedule a free consultation. Our legal team will help you understand your rights and work to hold the nursing home liable for their wrongdoing. We are well-versed in nursing home abuse and neglect cases, having decades of experience. Do not wait, you may only have a limited amount of time to file a claim. Get the legal help your family needs now.

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