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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect is on the Rise

Experts and advocates around the country are seeing some grim statistics and troubling trends when it comes to nursing home abuse and neglect. New reports suggest that today’s seniors are facing more danger than ever when it comes to the mismanagement of nursing home facilities.

An ABC news report last month cited a study by the special investigations division of the U.S. House Government Reform committee.

Study findings showed that about one-third of nursing homes received citations for nursing home abuse or neglect in the two years in which the statistics were measured, 1999 and 2000.

Other stories show the prevalence of nursing home abuse in Florida, where so many retired seniors live and document horrific instances of mistreatment and neglect that cause so many families to lose sleep about transferring a loved one to a skilled nursing care facility.

Factors and Common Problems

What’s driving these consistently rising numbers of nursing home abuse and neglect cases? One of the trends is the booming population of seniors who are entering facilities, along with a change in the corporate structure of many nursing home businesses. A 2017 guide by Steve Watrel’s office goes over these and some other major factors in why seniors are so often mistreated in a nursing home facility.

Nursing home abuse and neglect takes many forms. In abuse situations, a caregiver may be physically abusive or trying to perpetuate what experts call financial elder abuse – stealing money or resources from the nursing home resident. There are all sorts of other scary situations that constitute abuse. Then there’s also neglect – many Florida residents tell terrifying stories of going to a home after some routine surgery for a minor injury, and acquiring bedsores or infections through lack of basic care. That’s not to mention environmental factors like fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes, for which nursing home facilities may not be adequately prepared.

The bottom line is that nursing home abuse and neglect are so prevalent that it’s incumbent on families to really check in with a family member who has been transferred to one of these facilities. Ask the right questions and stay engaged and in touch with aging family members to avoid some of the tragic situations that threaten our seniors every day.

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