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What Are the Most Common Causes of Nursing Home Abuse in Florida?

There is on concrete or specific cause of nursing home abuse. There is an array of issues that may drive a nursing home staff member – or in some cases, another resident – to cause harm to an elderly person in a nursing home. 

There are some causes of nursing home abuse that can be traced back to nursing home owners or administrators who are more focused on making profits, than actually helping those who live there. These owners may be using the budget of the nursing home to line their own pockets rather than purchasing essential care items, hiring ore staff, or making needed repairs. 

This doesn’t mean that all staff members are innocent. Regardless of the working conditions, there is never an excuse for hurting someone else – especially if it is an elderly person who is just trying to enjoy their golden years in peace and comfort. However, there are many staff members that blame their actions on poor training, burnout and just a lack of thought. 

Since the causes of nursing home abuse can vary quite a bit, it’s crucial for families to think about all the options and act as if this individual is in danger. When you understand the causes, you can keep your elderly relatives safe from cases of nursing home abuse. 

Causes of Nursing Home Abuse Versus Causes of Nursing Home Neglect 

The same issues that have led to nursing home abuse can also result in residents suffering from nursing home neglect. For example, if the nursing home’s staff members are not properly trained, they may make a mistake and feed a resident food they aren’t allowed to eat. 

However, don’t mistake this though – nursing home neglect isn’t the same thing as a simple mistake. It’s an ongoing failure to meet the care needs of a resident or residents. In fact, cases of nursing home neglect can be just as damaging and harmful to residents as cases of nursing home abuse. 

Corporate Causes of Nursing Home Abuse 

It’s important to remember that not all nursing homes are independent owned. There are many that are owned by companies that have multiple facilities. When it comes to the corporate level, the most common causes of nursing home abuse occur when decisions are made to maximize profits, rather than focusing on patient care. 

What Can You Do?

As you can see, there are more than a few causes of nursing home abuse. If you suspect any of these, the best thing you can do is to take action. This is especially important if your elderly loved one is unable or scared to speak up for themselves. 

If you can’t get the response or action needed, talking to a nursing home abuse lawyer is the next best option. Qualified legal counsel can help you hold those responsible for neglect or abuse liable and help ensure that this situation doesn’t occur again.

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