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Working Directly with a Jacksonville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Legal concerns are often raised suddenly, with a sense of emotion attached to them. That’s especially true in many nursing home abuse or neglect cases. Families scramble for a local telephone book, or quickly scout online to find nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers to represent them – but they don’t always think about the difference between hiring different types of firms to fight a nursing home abuse case.

Most clients who want to get justice for a family member are best served by a personal and dedicated approach from a local nursing home lawyer. When they find the best local attorneys who deliver these types of customized service, they’re able to be informed and confident throughout the process.

By contrast, some of the big firms just shuffle people around and through the process in a very depersonalized way.

The Big Money Hustle

At some of the biggest firms, names end up just becoming numbers. High-profile attorneys spend their time in the courtroom or on high-level tasks and rarely meet with the client face-to-face. Even support staff can be stretched to their limits, and unable to provide a lot of face time to clients.

Then clients rightly ask – where are these people who are supposed to be helping my family? Why haven’t I heard from them in days? How can I get answers to the questions that mean a lot to me right now?

The Personal Approach

At the Law Office of Steve Watrel, we strive to give each client a personal approach to resolving their nursing home abuse or neglect cases in Jacksonville Florida. Our case manager Cheryl Barfield brings 27 years of experience to the table and works with settlements and other key administrative processes – marketing coordinator April Tapp works on building community relationships, and Pat Hill provides litigation preparation and trial work, as well as help in other areas of the practice.

All of these professionals maintain close relationships with the clients who they serve. At Steve Watrel, the personal touch is the key to successful case resolution and clients who feel like they have been able to access their rights under the law. Case law isn’t just fighting defendants – it’s enabling victims to defend themselves, and that means close consultation, forging good relationships and making sure a local nursing home lawyer firm practices a customer-first mentality. Call us to get effective, dedicated and personal assistance with a Jacksonville nursing home abuse or neglect case.

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